Friday, May 30, 2014

The search for the pink monopod.

And yyep, I got kind of desperate on finding and owning a monopod. After getting frustrated and going around the whole mobile and accessories section of SM Dasma earlier, I found my pink monopod at ZH&Kmobile kiosk. I love it and of course I used it agad agad kahit na nakakahiya to take selfie alone using monopod.

First picture. While waiting for Ate Love at Mocha Blends. 

Heeheehee. Find Ate Love.

The selca/selfie addiction begins. Aaaahhh, it's just so much easier taking one with a monopod. So inlove.

Looked at some cake designs for Fab's birthday.

Headache hits so I went to Mahogany because I was hungry and craving for Goto. 

I look retarded here.

Haggard look forever.

Selca/selfie galore before going home. Ahhhhhhh I am so inlove with my pink monopod. 

with love,

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