Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UTOLS - 1 Month

Today marks my first monthsarry with my boys, I love calling them that, Kuya R and J. I've known them for 5 months now, actually - we've been close for 5 months but I know them even way before that time. J was a former co-model and Kuya R is my friend, Larinas' cousin.

I don't know how I'll greet them. They've been celebrating this monthsarry thing for months now and just last month, they decided to let me join in. I feel quite awkward about it, actually. I don't wanna think that they're doing it just so I won't feel bad whenever they're celebrating but now it's making me feel bad. I'm not the kind of person to celebrate things like that, well because I hate celebrating and I suck at remembering dates.

But anyways, this post is supposed to be a post about them but why am I ranting? Hahahaha.

Batangas trip with them and Jhin.
Sila ang dalawa sa mga lalaking pinakamamahal at mahalaga sa buhay ko. Hindi ko alam kung paano at saan nagsimula ang samahan naming tatlo at mas lalong hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan at saan kami dadalhin ng pagkakaibigan namin pero pinapanalangin ko na sana habangbuhay kaming magkakasama. Napakaswerte ko na nahanap ko sila, walang halong biro. Daig ko pa ang may dalawang tatay, kuya, ate, mentor at boyfriend sa kanila.
Sa inyong dalawa, maraming salamat. Hindi na matatawaran ng kahit ano pang bagay sa mundo ang utang na loob ko sa inyo. Mahal na mahal ko kayong dalawa, mga utols ko. :)
Well, that was awkward. LOL. Excuse my face. :\
with love, Lileth.

Forever ALONE.

Went to Starbucks Magallanes Square in Tagaytay because I was so bored. Is there anyone who can give me any job/work? I badly needed something to do. LOL. #notevenkidding

I also went to Robinsons Tagaytay and bought cellphone car charger, fake eyelashes(because of reasons), new set of make-up brushes and some other random things. I then grabbed some MCDO foods because I haven't had any meal the whole day. #lagasangpera

Went to Alabang to finally in-cash my allowance... :) I bought 2 new lipsticks, I got my car fixed and had it carwashed after 3 weeks. I know, I'm a very very bad owner. And now, I don't have money anymore. Hahahaha. #mylife

Everything was taken using my Samsung Note. Thank goodness for good quality camera. :) Just felt like saying that!!!

with love, Lileth.

Monday, September 17, 2012


091712 Coordinate
Cut-out green skull tshirt - Thrifted for only Php10.
Brown leggings - Bazaar.
Brown Parisian shoes.

I'll try to wear everything in my closet from now on. I bought these shoes last year and I only got to wear them once, for a photoshoot. Sayang, diba? I have a lot of newly bought clothes that I never get to wear because I tend to get lazy to dress up - ending up me wearing the same set of clothes. LOL. Also - it's getting a lot colder in Tagaytay now so layering is acceptable. Yey!!!

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Did you guys missed me? Hahaha. I bet no one really did but anyways. I'm officially back!!! I'm fine. I've been busy with work and with my Kdrama addiction. Hahahaha. I'll most probably update whenever I feel like it, I'll try to post non-emo stuffs.... :)

So how have you guys been?

with love, Lileth.