Monday, May 26, 2014

Missing Singapore.


My cutie neice's first time to fly. She was so hyper the whole flight to Singapore. Ahhhh.

Finally arrived in Singapore. I also miss their awesome taxis. 

Our home for almost 5 days.

Woke up super early for our first day.

My sister busy with the map. 

Marina Bay Sands. Super pretty. I wanna go back!!!

My other qtp2t niece on board the duck tour.

Hi there Merlion. We didn't get to go near this one tho. Next time, for sure.

Toursit shot.

Singapore eye? I look so happy, no?


View from above. So beautiful.

Just because I can...

Don't she look too excited for the show? 

This one looks excited to see us too.

Chinatown hits.

MBS at night. They had this free fountain/water of some sort musical that day. Awesome end to our long day.

2 years ago.
Aaaahhhhh~ I miss S'gapore. I wanna go back and live there na. Hahahaha.

with love,

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