Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That part of my life.

Naghalungkat ako ng mga notebooks ko na nakatambak sa kwarto ko and I saw this specific notebook, yung notebook na naging mini diary ko dati, puro doodles and kwento about my day lang. But what I really wanna share here is this one specific page na, of course, I wrote almost 2 years ago na. It's about SUPER JUNIOR and their concert na ginanap dito noong April 10, 2010....

"I'm currently here at LPU-Cavite. Our class just ended and I just felt like sharing or writing since these thoughts makes me so happy. It's been 4 months already since I saw SUPER JUNIOR in person. Up until now I still can't believe that I actually saw them, that day was epic, it's just like a dream. I've waited for that moment for 2 years, actually, everything was very fast, as a fan I never really thought I'll see them in person, well, not yet because I though they'll not go here in the Philippines, not yet. I can still exactly recall how my day went by that day. I was kind of sad and very emotional. Everything just filled me up. I was excited, overwhelmed and ecstatic. The night before the concert, some of my friends and I actually checked-in at the same hotel where the boys stayed but unfortunately, we didn't get to see them because of the very strict security. It sucks but the mere fact that we're at the same place with Super Junior made me just as happy."

with love,Lileth.