Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE.

I'll give this a try. I don't even know what to do here but I'm taking my chances. Hahaha.

As you guys know, I've been a huge VIP since early 2009, and that's pretty late already. I stalked Big Bang (just online tho, because I'm poor like that), read every news about the group, watched every show they were in, downloaded not only songs but pictures as well, and bought albums of Big bang. Those are the only simple things you can do as a fan, seriously.

I can't really tell you who my bias in the group is because I love each and everyone of them equally.

I love DAESUNG's voice. Every time I hear him sing, my heart just melt away and I also love the fact that he is a funny guy, his humor is perfect. I salute him for not giving up despite what happened to him this year and for not losing that smile through out that ordeal. (Amber Brown)

I love how cool and how perfect looking TOP is, I mean, whenever I see him, I seriously stop and stare at him for a good minute. Aside from that, I love how TOP is actually a child at heart. Every fan of Big Bang would know how TOP is the tall guy with the heart of a 12 year old kid. If you watch enough shows where they're in, you'll know what I mean. Oh TOP!!! You'll surely feel second hand embarrassment from him, in a cute and good way, that is. (Garnet Red)

I love how amazing and genius GDRAGON is. How he can bring out the best of everyone in the group. How he can control everyone but still be the cute and adorable person that he is. His amazing writing skills and his superb rapping. And come on, how can we forget about his fashion style? There is only one GD in the world of VIPs. (Titanium Grey)

I love how TAEYANG is such an amazing singer and dancer. I also admire him for being true to himself and for being so adorably innocent with girls. And his smile~ OMG!!! I would like to see him perform I need a girl live, if that is not too much to ask. LOL. (White)

Last but not the least, the now all grown up magnae/bunso of the group, SEUNGRI. I admire him for not being afraid of what people might think about him. How courageous he is. He is one hell of a funny guy and every time I watch him on shows, he never fail to make me laugh like a mad woman. He can be cocky at times but it's just the way he is and we VIPs' love him for that. :P (Sapphire Black)

They're perfect all together and that's the only thing I know. :)

Wanna watch the concert this October 24, 2012? Samsung and Nuffnang is here to make it possible for you~ :) Just click the picture below to get a chance to win a pair of ticket for the Alive concert:

P.S. Do you know that Samsung just released new sets of colors for Samsung SIII? The device will now be available in Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Titanium Grey, Sapphire Black and of course we still have, White.

with love, Lileth.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UTOLS - 1 Month

Today marks my first monthsarry with my boys, I love calling them that, Kuya R and J. I've known them for 5 months now, actually - we've been close for 5 months but I know them even way before that time. J was a former co-model and Kuya R is my friend, Larinas' cousin.

I don't know how I'll greet them. They've been celebrating this monthsarry thing for months now and just last month, they decided to let me join in. I feel quite awkward about it, actually. I don't wanna think that they're doing it just so I won't feel bad whenever they're celebrating but now it's making me feel bad. I'm not the kind of person to celebrate things like that, well because I hate celebrating and I suck at remembering dates.

But anyways, this post is supposed to be a post about them but why am I ranting? Hahahaha.

Batangas trip with them and Jhin.
Sila ang dalawa sa mga lalaking pinakamamahal at mahalaga sa buhay ko. Hindi ko alam kung paano at saan nagsimula ang samahan naming tatlo at mas lalong hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan at saan kami dadalhin ng pagkakaibigan namin pero pinapanalangin ko na sana habangbuhay kaming magkakasama. Napakaswerte ko na nahanap ko sila, walang halong biro. Daig ko pa ang may dalawang tatay, kuya, ate, mentor at boyfriend sa kanila.
Sa inyong dalawa, maraming salamat. Hindi na matatawaran ng kahit ano pang bagay sa mundo ang utang na loob ko sa inyo. Mahal na mahal ko kayong dalawa, mga utols ko. :)
Well, that was awkward. LOL. Excuse my face. :\
with love, Lileth.

Forever ALONE.

Went to Starbucks Magallanes Square in Tagaytay because I was so bored. Is there anyone who can give me any job/work? I badly needed something to do. LOL. #notevenkidding

I also went to Robinsons Tagaytay and bought cellphone car charger, fake eyelashes(because of reasons), new set of make-up brushes and some other random things. I then grabbed some MCDO foods because I haven't had any meal the whole day. #lagasangpera

Went to Alabang to finally in-cash my allowance... :) I bought 2 new lipsticks, I got my car fixed and had it carwashed after 3 weeks. I know, I'm a very very bad owner. And now, I don't have money anymore. Hahahaha. #mylife

Everything was taken using my Samsung Note. Thank goodness for good quality camera. :) Just felt like saying that!!!

with love, Lileth.

Monday, September 17, 2012


091712 Coordinate
Cut-out green skull tshirt - Thrifted for only Php10.
Brown leggings - Bazaar.
Brown Parisian shoes.

I'll try to wear everything in my closet from now on. I bought these shoes last year and I only got to wear them once, for a photoshoot. Sayang, diba? I have a lot of newly bought clothes that I never get to wear because I tend to get lazy to dress up - ending up me wearing the same set of clothes. LOL. Also - it's getting a lot colder in Tagaytay now so layering is acceptable. Yey!!!

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Did you guys missed me? Hahaha. I bet no one really did but anyways. I'm officially back!!! I'm fine. I've been busy with work and with my Kdrama addiction. Hahahaha. I'll most probably update whenever I feel like it, I'll try to post non-emo stuffs.... :)

So how have you guys been?

with love, Lileth.

Saturday, August 25, 2012



everything in my life right now is nothing but a blur.

what do you wanna know?
why are you even here?
i just don't see a reason for you to be here.

i'm lost.
i'm sorry.

you won't be seeing anything here, for a while.

good bye.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


"When I first met
J, I thought you guys are an item."
Is what my friend Je told me when we got to talk about J earlier. A lot of people told me about this already pero kahit ang dami ko nang beses narinig yan, hindi ko pa din mapigilang ma-amaze at magulat. I don't get why people presume that we're together when we don't even look the part. I just don't get it. J and I are like siblings and inaalagaan nya ako katulad ng pag-aalaga nya sa mga tunay nyang kapatid. So why?

with love, Lileth.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yellow hair.

Suddenly missed my yellow hair

with love, Lileth.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is starting to be so weird.

Everything about us. Everything is starting to get out of place and I don't know what to do about it. I think this is all my fault. Or maybe not. How do I explain this here when I'm not even sure of what is going on my self. Ugh. Bitch please.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just something I need to say.

Tinatry kong labanan. Lasing ako ngayon, iba ang takbo ng utak ko. Tinatry kong labanan lahat ng nararamdaman ko para sayo. Palagi kong sinasabi sa mga taong nakakaalam ng lahat na WALA NA, NAKAMOVE ON na ako. Pero paano ko ba papatunayan sa sarili ko na yun lang talaga ang nararamdaman ko? Paano ko pa iiwasan eh yung taong pinakamalapit sa atin, naaamoy at alam na din ang nararamdaman ko... :\

Alam ko na alam mo na din naman. Tao ka, nararamdaman mo yun. Kung nararamdaman ng mga kaibigan natin, mas lalo ka na, pwera na lang kung talagang manhid ka. Nakaka-inis lang dahil hindi naman dapat na ganito ang nangyayari. Dapat katulad lang ng dati ang lahat pero ano ba? Napakatanga ko yata talaga. Punyeta.

Gusto kong batukan ang sarili ko. Gusto ko nang magising sa kalokohan na ito. Sana mautog ako o kaya magising ako isang araw na tapos na lahat, wala na. Tulungan mo din naman kasi ako. Pakiusap. Pwede bang wag mo muna ako itext or tawagan? Kunyari na lang hindi tayo magkakilalang dalawa. Kunyari lahat ito panaginip lang. Pakiusap naman. Hayaan mo munang maging tino ako ulit. Hayaan mo munang maging normal ako, pagkatapos nun, promise, kakausapin kita ng normal, yung Beth na kilala nyo. Yung Beth na dapat eh ako. Sa totoo lang hindi kasi ako ang Beth na yun ngayon eh. May masamang hangin yata na pumasok sa katauhan ko. Ewan ko ba.

Iba-iba din kasi ang naiisip ko na paraan para mawala ang nararamdaman ko sayo at maiwasan ka. Masasamang paraan. Mga paraan na weird. Mga paraan na alam ko naman na masasaktan lang din ako. Pero bakit lahat yun parang napakagandang ideya? Bakit pati pagpapalit ng cellphone number na importante dahil yun ang number na nakasulat sa lahat ng resumes' ko eh parang napakadaling gawin? Gago ko kasi. Mukha akong tanga.

Tangina. Napakahirap pala talaga ng ganito. Dati tinatawanan ko lang ang mga taong nagkukwento sa akin ng ganito eh. Pakiramdam ko napaka-estupido ng mga problema nila.

Konting tampo mo lang, ayan ako si TANGA na tatakbo agad sayo. Kahit pa magkanda sugat sugat ako at madapa. Kahit pa magmukha akong gago sa mga nakakakita at nakakapansin, dedma lang basta masaya ka, basta alam kong okay tayo. Punyeta ka!!! Punyetang pagmamahal yan. Punyetang pagkakaibigan yan. Punyetang mundo ito.

Pakigising nga ako!!! Kailangang kailangan ko nang magising sa magulo at nakakagimbal na panaginip na ito...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


With my cousins... :)

Went out with my cousins to just chill in Tagaytay. Had some drinks at Jalapenos then I went to meet with my friends. Awesome day. :)


with love, Lileth

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

/still editing the rest.

with love, Lileth.


Wala na akong energy. Mula July 1 hanggang ngayon, wala pa akong matinong tulog. Nakakapagod, para na akong lumilipad pero napakasaya ko kaya dedma lang.

July 1, sinalubong namin ng ilan sa mga kaibigan ko ang birthday ko. Sobrang saya. Halos maiyak ako dahil for the first time, may kasama akong sumalubong ng birthday ko. Normally, wala akong pakialam kung birthday ko na pero dahil sa kanila, sobrang naappreciate ko na ang ganun. J and Kuya R even surprised me kasi binilhan nila ako ng ice cream. Actually, sila sumagot sa lahat ng gastusin nung gabing yun dahil wala talaga akong pera that time (grounded ako actually and hindi ako binibigyan ng pera ng parents ko noon). Napakasaya ko noon pero mukha daw akong malungkot the whole time kaya nagaalala sila sa akin. Hindi ko lang talaga alam kung paano ko ba ieexpress yung nararamdaman ko. Sobrang sobra na sila. Hahahaha. Also - kung nakakapunta kayo sa Starbucks sa Magallanes Square/Tagaytay, makikita nyo ang masterpiece ng mga friends ko, at ako na din, kami nagdrawing nung green tea cake na nasa board chuchu nila doon. Hahaha. Nung pauwi na kami, naglibre pa si O ng tapsilog, pero dahil hindi na ako kumakain ng normal na rice (4 days na today!!! lol), nag-goto na lang ako (salamat O. I owe you one bro). What a great way na salubungin ang birthday ko, diba? :)

July 2, late na ako nagising. Maghapon lang akong nasa bahay dahil wala naman akong plano, bilang wala nga akong pera. Maghapon din akong inasar ng mga kapatid ko. Nagluto pa si Kuya Joe ng champorado at inasar ako na yun lang daw ang handa ko. Pero dahil napakasaya ko, dedma lang. Ako din sumundo sa Nanay ko sa store namin, pagdating ko doon napakadaming pagbati ang natanggap ko (salamat sa inyong lahat. salamat din sa mga nagtext at nagmessage sa fb. baka sakaling mabasa nyo). Kinuwento ko kay Nanay kung anong nangyari nung gabi, natuwa din si Nanay. Bumili kami ng 2 bilao ng pancit tapos dinala ko kena L ang isa at doon ako nagcelebrate ulit. Dumating ang mga kaibigan ko, ako pa ang isusurprise nila pero mas nasurprise sila dahil wala ako sa bahay nung dumating sila. Hahahaha. Nagpunta kami sa Tagaytay para kumain since walang pagkain sa bahay na, sa Mushroom Burger kami kumain since late na nun and sarado na halos lahat ng kainan, or at least yun ang gusto kong isipin. Haha. Good thing doon kami nagpunta, 2 groups of customers lang kami doon and when my friends brought out yung cake, nalaman ng lahat na birthday ko so nakikanta din sila. Swerte pa na andun ang owner ng MB, niregaluhan nya ako ng something from the store (Thank you Sir). After namin sa MB, sinundo namin si J sa kanila, bumili ng ilang alak and umuwi sa Alfonso para magcelebrate. Nakakapagod na gabi. Kuya R and I went back pa sa Tagaytay ulit kasi wala na kaming mabilhan ng ice sa Alfonso. Hanggang 9am kami sa bahay nina Kuya R dahil doon kami uminom. Napakasaya. Iba sya!!!

July 3, umuwi lang kami ni Liez sa bahay namin para maligo tapos dumiretso na kami sa SM. Manonood sana kami ng Spiderman pero dahil di ko naman feel manood ng sine, naggala na lang kami ni Liez at hinayaan sina L at O na manood. Tamang tawanan, kwentuhan at kantahan kaming dalawa. Ang lakas pa ng tama namin kasi wala kaming tulog, galing sa inuman at may nakwento kasi ako sa kanya. Hahahaha. Letse talaga pero napakasaya pa din.

Now, kakarating ko lang sa bahay. Galit sa akin sina Nanay at Ama dahil hindi ako umuwi kahapon pero wala akong pakialam. Napakasaya ko. Lumilipad pa ako hanggang ngayon, hindi dahil sa nag-adik ako kundi dahil sa sobrang love na natanggap ko nitong nakaraang araw. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko susuklian o papasalamatan manlang lahat ng taong naging bahagi ng kaarawan ko pero alam kong alam nila na mahal na mahal ko sila. Haha. Ang cheesy pero totoo!!!

Happy Birthday to me. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Should I quit?

I like blogging. I like it because with this I can restore memories that are important to me but sometimes I also question my self why I actually have to do this? Why this way when I can just make a personal journal and still have my memories/experiences with me, but no, I think it's because I also wanna share my experiences to people. I want them to know what kind of person I am and what's happening to me... But now I'm questioning my self more than ever. I know people aren't even reading my blogs and I'm not of importance to anyone. Ugh. Why am I so ordinary? Why can't I be like those famous bloggers? :'(

with love, Lileth



Sunday, June 24, 2012


I really appreciate it when people see me more what I actually see myself as. I mean, when people actually say I'm pretty and all that shiz. I honestly don't consider my self pretty, even cute, just NO. That's why when people tell me I'm pretty/cute I tend to brush them off and be sarcastic about it. I just can't accept that. Thank you but NO.

So now, imagine how I felt when my bestriend, Erich, told me to try auditioning for this modelling agency because they're looking for new models. She's even willing to accompany me to the place. Why would anyone do that? LOL. I don't really know if I can but when people do this, I also wanna challenge my self and do it but I just can't. I do appreciate that she thinks I can be a model but right now I'm actually battling over my self. This is me against me. Hahahahaha.

To the people who never fails to remind me I'm not really worthless, even if I know I am.... Thank you so much. :)

with love, Lileth.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Went to Tagaytay ~*~again~*~ with my cousins since kailangan kong mag-inquire sa Fedex about their shipping fees. Nautusan lang ni Ate. LOL. We took a lot of pictures.

Didn't know Hannah was taking pictures... :)
Just me, driving and singing like an idiot. :P

And so this happened. Kaya pala sya kanta ng kanta ng Paparazzi kahapon. :\


Baby Yy showing off her stars na nakuha nya sa school.

This one is mega blurred but I like it anyways. :P


And yep... my phone :)

Then we went sa FunTime... :)

Moi points!!!


LOL. Sorry sa photo spam... :)

with love, Lileth