Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laguna adventure.

Photo dump of what happened yesterday. My friend and I went to Laguna, I just accompanied her because she had to fix something.

Smart C+ forever and ever laban sa init.

OTW to Laguna. Motor ride hits.

Excuse my face. First stop over.

Craved for ice cream so I bought fundae cone. Yay for cheap but still good ice cream.

Believe it or not but our next stop over was at a 711 store as well but we just asked for direction that time.


Played with these weird things. 

She wanted a picture with the train.

New found friends. Hello guyth..

And yyep, with Dora.


Went to SM Rosario to look for a monopod but failed quite miserably. Also - tried the new KFC co creation chicken cheese clover, yyep, was fine, I guess. 

Pasalubong for my niece. Why is this soooo expensive? 

Photos taken using my Samsung S2 phone, edited at VSCOCam.

with love,

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