Monday, April 30, 2012

나를 많이많이 좋아해~

Good afternoon...

So I was so bored and quite feeling shitty because of the hot weather. I grabbed my phone and randomly opened Kakaotalk, I saw 성빈's name and I messaged him. I just said without expecting a reply but then he replied with . He told me that he recently bought a new phone, Galaxy note at that, and that he is super happy about it. He's now staying at his grandmother's house in Korea, just because he can. :D

I saw his new primary picture and I saved it. Wahahaha. I know, I'm uch a stalker, whatever, I regret nothing.

보고싶어용~~~~ ㅠㅠ
And this is how I end my April, thinking about you. :\ WTF
with love, Lileth.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kamikazee Hurricane

Good morning...

So I'm here to share the pictures we took yesterday. My friends and I watched The Avengers and I liked it. I don't normally watch action movies like this but I really enjoyed this one. After the movie we headed to a nearby bar and well, partied there. LOL Then we went to Tagaytay and continued partying over at Tides. Barhopping, yes!

A lot of things actually happened. The vocalist of the band playing for Giligans actually asked if he can talk/introduce himself to me, I wasn't expecting that. LOL.

Awesome night.

2012-04-28 11.19.36
Ohhh~ This is the first intagram photo that I took.

2012-04-28 12.45.10
While getting ready. Look at how messy my hair is if not ironed.

2012-04-28 15.08.51
2012-04-28 15.09.00
2012-04-28 15.09.58
2012-04-28 15.31.48
Went to the supermarket first to buy some foods. Ended up not eating everything. Blah.

2012-04-28 19.00.46
2012-04-28 19.00.56
2012-04-28 19.01.14
Camwh*red a bit inside the restroom.

2012-04-28 19.10.06
2012-04-28 19.10.20
2012-04-28 19.10.50
2012-04-28 19.11.23
With our loves. LOL

2012-04-28 19.27.05
2012-04-28 19.41.04
2012-04-28 19.41.14
Escalator din.

2012-04-28 20.06.52
2012-04-28 20.07.04
Cute car.

2012-04-28 20.15.47
2012-04-28 20.30.35
Ordered California maki at Karate kid. Ekkkk.

2012-04-28 20.28.58
2012-04-28 20.29.05
2012-04-28 20.29.15
2012-04-28 21.15.36
Then proceeded to Greenwhich.

2012-04-28 22.00.25
2012-04-28 22.03.11
2012-04-28 22.03.33
2012-04-28 22.04.23
2012-04-28 22.13.23
At Giligans. Ordered Kamikazee there.

2012-04-28 22.38.31
2012-04-28 22.39.30
2012-04-28 22.39.42
As usual.

2012-04-29 01.37.27
The only picture I took at Tides Tagaytay. We ordered Hurricane and sizzling hotdog there. :D

Then we went home at around 3am.

with love, Lileth.

Late post

Good morning...

Sorry, I won't cheat on this one. Hahah. I actually just got home from a fun night with 2 of the most awesome friends I have. :D

So yeah~ I'm so tired and sleepy alr.

with love, Lileth.

Friday, April 27, 2012

난 너 누나야.

Good evening...

Since I'm too lazy to even open up my Palawan 2012 trip album, I'll just blog randomly just like this. LOL

I just spent my day talking to a friend I met on Kakaotalk from Malaysia, watch AI11 and watch random youtube videos. Who can say I am bored? :\

Also - I just don't understand guys. I mean, why do they ask about you to your friends but never really talk to you? What do they want to happen? Seriously!!!

with love, Lileth.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good morning...

As for today~ I would just sleep the whole day and decide whether I should still blog about our Palawan getaway last weekend. LOL

with love, Lileth.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nice hair...

Good evening...

I'm cheating on this one you guys. I actually didn't get to blog yesterday because I was out with my friends until now. We went swimming in Batangas, we didn't planned this one, everything was decided on the spot. :D It was so much fun. We'll go back there for sure.

It was actually my first time to drive to Batangas and we were kind of scared and hesitant at first but eventually gave in. Hahaha. We bought swimsuits at one of the many thrift shops in Olivarez Tagaytay, it us Php150 each, such a steal!!!

I have some pictures from the trip but it was all taken using my phone so the quality is low. :\

2012-04-25 19.07.59
2012-04-25 19.07.46
2012-04-25 19.08.51
2012-04-25 19.08.34
2012-04-25 19.08.19
2012-04-25 19.09.51
2012-04-25 19.09.32
A sudden stop over at Robinsons Tagaytay since we didn't know where to go yet.
A girl would have to do what she have to do.

2012-04-26 00.54.50
Not even regretting it.
2012-04-26 00.54.01
I finally got to wear swimsuit, again.
2012-04-26 00.53.50
2012-04-26 00.53.35
My sexy friends.

2012-04-26 06.54.35
On our way home. Hello Mr. Sun.

with love, Lileth.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Banana Potato-naaaaaaa.

Good evening...

I was out the whole day today. I accompanied my Aunt to the salon and after that I met up with my friends. I'm still tired from the previous trip and I just wanna sleep now.

So this post is supposed to be about my Day 1 in Palawan, but I don't really have enough pictures of that day. Also - I lost our digital camera that day on the plane. I don't know what happened. I was sleeping the whole trip and when I searched for it inside my bag, it was gone. We talked to the AirPhil Express staffs and I don't know what they did, they didn't allowed us to go back and check the plane for it. I was so frustrated and mad that day. Imagine my moms explosion towards me . :\ Bad experience, check!!! But of course it was a happy day because we got to see/visit our relatives there. Ahhhhh the happiness our family bring us, priceless. :D

So yeah, I'll try to edit this post and add some pictures or maybe I'll just compile everything on one whole blog entry. Who knows? Hahaha. ME!!!

with love, Lileth.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome me back.

Good evening...

And I'm finally back home from Palawan!!! I miss my relatives and the place already, I can't wait to go back!!! :D

I'm kinda still tired right now so I won't be posting any pictures yet. Haha. I'll do that tomorrow after my well deserved and wanted rest. My cousins, Auntie and some neighbors didn't sleep on our last night(yesterday) there to fully maximize our kwentuhan and so I'm extra sleepy right now. A lot of stories was exchanged and I'll remember that night forever. :)

with love, Lileth.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scheduled post #2.

Good morning...

Day 3 here in Palawan... How are you guys?

with love, Lileth.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scheduled post #1.

Good morning...

It's our second day here in Palawan. I don't know what to say yet. Hahaha. This is a scheduled post as well. Just so I can keep up with blogging everyday. OTL

Palawan is so beautiful, that's for sure.

with love, Lileth.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello from Palawan.

Good morning...

Hey hey hey. So I'll be gone for 3 days. My mom, some relatives and I would be in Palawan for 3 days and I don't think I'll be able to go online while I'm there. OTL

So yeah. See you on monday. :D

And yes, this is a scheduled post.

with love, Lileth.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blonde for a day, or?

Good morning...

As promised, my hair color as of the moment. Yes, right after bleaching it. OTL

oh hi
yellow hair

I'm quite indecisive about everything right now. For my hair, at least. LOL. I don't know if I should keep this like this for now or just dye it ash brown as planned. I kind of like the color of my hair now and I wanna show people I can rock hair colors like this. OTL

So what do you guys think?

Update... Some picture I took while I was in Tagaytay, waiting for Mommy.

2012-04-19 16.52.02_Melissa
2012-04-19 12.59.35_Anne
2012-04-19 12.58.50_Melissa
2012-04-19 12.58.39_Salomon
2012-04-19 12.58.17_Melissa

with love, Lileth.