Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's take time to reminisce.

These are some diary/daily entries I saw on my notebook. I just felt like putting it here for my own sake. Hahaha. This is going to be long...

This one was written last August 04, 2011. I do believe that it was during one of my Psychology classes.
*Gah. Arrived late for my first subject. 49 minutes late, oh no, 19 minutes.
*This teacher is one hell of a boring teacher. I keep on thinking about POTTERMORE, TUMBLR, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, SUPER JUNIOR .... Butterbeer!
*What the actual fuck is this?
*It's now raining cats and dogs outside.
*They won't cancel/suspend the classes, right? Sucks to be me right now.
*They're talking about pregnancy/getting pregnant. Beat me! I ain't listening.
*Wow. This girl is seriously getting on my nerves.
*How can you call someone plastic and still act like you're cutesy-cutesy friends with them?
*I seriously hate being alone. FUCK!
*I am stoked.
I don't know what motivates these people to go to school because I for one doesn't know why I am here.
*I actually participated on a PLAY. Weird.

This other one was written last September 14, 2011. This entry is for this one guy I used to like. Funny, really.

Yesterday, I waited for your message. I know you're busy with your OJT but I still hoped that maybe you'll remember to at least say "HI", but yes, nothing from you. I'm kind of expecting the same for today.
I keep on telling my self Yesterday that I should not let my pride take over me completely, that I should at least risk talking with you first but unfortunately, I just can't.
Why is liking someone so hard?
I almost made a huge mistake yesterday. I almost asked my "EX-boyf" to be my "Boyf" again. Wanna know why? So that you'll talk to me, hoping that you'll get jealous. But I'm not that stupid and shallow yet. At least not yet.

OMG. I actually made quite a number of entries for HIM!!! This one was written last September 17, 2011. My goodness.

Yesterday I posted a status saying "IF YOU CAN READ THIS THEN IT MEANS I LIKE YOU". I actually don't know why I did that but I guess I just wanna take my chances and for once, risk it. I know it is weird but I do hope that you wouldn't take it against me.
It stresses me knowing that you're happy, that you're sad. But really, what can I do anyway, right? Please be happy.
I have a crush on you. I really like you. If ever I tell you this, would you still talk to me?
I'm pretty much confuse.

These two doesn't have date. Ohhhh~


We're actually like Philippines and Korea apart from each other, it's not even funny. (NOTE: He's not from Korea. He's actually from the Philippines)

This was from a entry from November 10, 2010. Woah.

I always wondered if it's normal for people to be so emotional all of a sudden. Is it normal for people to be so helpless and stupid, or is it just me that is suffering from these emotions? Am I not normal, at all?

Ate out with Jazza and Ate Tina at this Korean restaurant. We ordered two servings of Samgyupsal. It was a bit pricey but was worth it. It also came with a free kimchi chigae and it was a yummy soup. We'd go there again to try their bibimbap.

We currently don't have internet connection and I'm bored like mad right now. Can I just cry? Would go to SMART CENTER tomorrow to check if they can fix it for us. Oh gee. I'll have classes tomorrow but I just don't feel like attending. Haha.

Written last last November 11, 2010. Just being my EMO self.

I once read somewhere that we should not dwell so much on our past. Past mistakes or everything. I tried. I tried to forget but I don't know why I keep on remembering and feeling bad about everything that happened. How can I live like this? I hate my self so much.

Today is my older brothers' birthday. He bought ice cream and they went out, I mean his girlfriend and him. I wish that he'll be more healthier and that he'll be happier this year.

I spent the whole day sleeping because I was too afraid of going out. My nephew has chicken pox and I don't wanna acquire that fucking sickness. I don't want that to happen.

It's now almost 2am and I'm craving for ice cream and pizza but I'm trying to not eat and not think about it. Haha.

Thank you GOD for all the blessings and for taking care of our family.

AND THAT'S IT!!! There're actually a lot more than this but I'm a bit tired from typing now. I'll post everything up some other day. :D

with love, Lileth.