Saturday, May 31, 2014

M2 The Club kind of day.

So I spent almost the whole day at home but decided to go out at around 6pm for a much needed me time/alone time. Went to Olivarez, ate dinner and planned a lot of things. I got a lot of ideas for the blog, youtube, and things I wanna do for the next few months. Uhhhh, hopefully I won't get lazy to actually make everything happen/come true. Wish me a lot of luck, I guess. 

From where I stand. Took this just for fun and I actully liked 
it sooo that's why it's here. 

I bet you can't really see it but there's a rainbow there. 
That made me kind of positive about my day. Thank you God.

Tapsilog for dinner. Why? 
Because, why not?

Finally got to buy a new simcard.
I can't use my old simcard because it's just not working anymore. 
I don't wanna do it but I have to. :( #clingy

Of course, say hi to my annoying selfie face. Haha

At M2 bar. Amazing night, as usual. :)

The only video we made with le pink monopod. Unfortunately my
phone died on me so we didn't get to take a lot of video and picture. 

with love,

Friday, May 30, 2014

The search for the pink monopod.

And yyep, I got kind of desperate on finding and owning a monopod. After getting frustrated and going around the whole mobile and accessories section of SM Dasma earlier, I found my pink monopod at ZH&Kmobile kiosk. I love it and of course I used it agad agad kahit na nakakahiya to take selfie alone using monopod.

First picture. While waiting for Ate Love at Mocha Blends. 

Heeheehee. Find Ate Love.

The selca/selfie addiction begins. Aaaahhh, it's just so much easier taking one with a monopod. So inlove.

Looked at some cake designs for Fab's birthday.

Headache hits so I went to Mahogany because I was hungry and craving for Goto. 

I look retarded here.

Haggard look forever.

Selca/selfie galore before going home. Ahhhhhhh I am so inlove with my pink monopod. 

with love,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laguna adventure.

Photo dump of what happened yesterday. My friend and I went to Laguna, I just accompanied her because she had to fix something.

Smart C+ forever and ever laban sa init.

OTW to Laguna. Motor ride hits.

Excuse my face. First stop over.

Craved for ice cream so I bought fundae cone. Yay for cheap but still good ice cream.

Believe it or not but our next stop over was at a 711 store as well but we just asked for direction that time.


Played with these weird things. 

She wanted a picture with the train.

New found friends. Hello guyth..

And yyep, with Dora.


Went to SM Rosario to look for a monopod but failed quite miserably. Also - tried the new KFC co creation chicken cheese clover, yyep, was fine, I guess. 

Pasalubong for my niece. Why is this soooo expensive? 

Photos taken using my Samsung S2 phone, edited at VSCOCam.

with love,