Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE.

I'll give this a try. I don't even know what to do here but I'm taking my chances. Hahaha.

As you guys know, I've been a huge VIP since early 2009, and that's pretty late already. I stalked Big Bang (just online tho, because I'm poor like that), read every news about the group, watched every show they were in, downloaded not only songs but pictures as well, and bought albums of Big bang. Those are the only simple things you can do as a fan, seriously.

I can't really tell you who my bias in the group is because I love each and everyone of them equally.

I love DAESUNG's voice. Every time I hear him sing, my heart just melt away and I also love the fact that he is a funny guy, his humor is perfect. I salute him for not giving up despite what happened to him this year and for not losing that smile through out that ordeal. (Amber Brown)

I love how cool and how perfect looking TOP is, I mean, whenever I see him, I seriously stop and stare at him for a good minute. Aside from that, I love how TOP is actually a child at heart. Every fan of Big Bang would know how TOP is the tall guy with the heart of a 12 year old kid. If you watch enough shows where they're in, you'll know what I mean. Oh TOP!!! You'll surely feel second hand embarrassment from him, in a cute and good way, that is. (Garnet Red)

I love how amazing and genius GDRAGON is. How he can bring out the best of everyone in the group. How he can control everyone but still be the cute and adorable person that he is. His amazing writing skills and his superb rapping. And come on, how can we forget about his fashion style? There is only one GD in the world of VIPs. (Titanium Grey)

I love how TAEYANG is such an amazing singer and dancer. I also admire him for being true to himself and for being so adorably innocent with girls. And his smile~ OMG!!! I would like to see him perform I need a girl live, if that is not too much to ask. LOL. (White)

Last but not the least, the now all grown up magnae/bunso of the group, SEUNGRI. I admire him for not being afraid of what people might think about him. How courageous he is. He is one hell of a funny guy and every time I watch him on shows, he never fail to make me laugh like a mad woman. He can be cocky at times but it's just the way he is and we VIPs' love him for that. :P (Sapphire Black)

They're perfect all together and that's the only thing I know. :)

Wanna watch the concert this October 24, 2012? Samsung and Nuffnang is here to make it possible for you~ :) Just click the picture below to get a chance to win a pair of ticket for the Alive concert:

P.S. Do you know that Samsung just released new sets of colors for Samsung SIII? The device will now be available in Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Titanium Grey, Sapphire Black and of course we still have, White.

with love, Lileth.