Friday, October 10, 2014

186 days.

Top : From a store in Robinson's Place Pala-Pala || Necklace : Gift from Joanne. || Watch : Bench/

I know that it was my idea, for us to stop seeing each other. Well, not forever but for atleast 6 months. It's not for me, sa totoo lang, but for you and for HER. I know what she's feeling right now and as much you deny it, I know that you still care and love her. I don't wanna be THAT GIRL. I don't want anyone to hate me thinking that I stole someone from them when I know that it isn't even half true. I do like you though. I like you so much that my heart is aching right now and I may go cray cray any minute now... but I can't stay with you right now. I have to sacrifice and endure those feelings.

Uggghhhh. I hate how clingy I could get. We've only been friends for 2 weeks and everything is so complicated already.

Bye I... for atleast 6 months.

With love,