Monday, January 28, 2013

I would like to be different.

Hi guys.
Happy New Year. I know I am 28 days late already but it's still January and it is always better late then never, right? Hahaha. So yeah~

I'm actually thinking of changing my URL. I don't really like my current URL because it just don't feel like ME, I know I'm using my name as my URL but it just feels like it doesn't give that much "ME" and also -- it's like I'm copying Camille Co (I love love love her!!!). :)

So what you guys think? Maybe after my short vacation to Baguio I'll rearranged everything, start posting again, start taking picture, have a life outside my bedroom and actually change my URL... :)

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Let us all chase after our dreams. :)

with love, Lileth