Sunday, February 24, 2013

That should be me.

I srsly wanna post something here so here's a huge instagram photo dump from last year up to now. :)

Watching random YT Kpop videos. Haaaa. SooYoungie is so cute. :)

Running with just 2 hours of sleep!!! Ugh so sleepy. :/

Le Mother arranging Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas everyone.

Done for today!!! Car is all set, pwede na gumala. Hahahaha.

Cooked kimchi fried rice for dinner. Hohohoho.

Sticker for le car.

Crazy crazy friend. I love this girl to death. Hahaha.

Why do I look "kinda" thing here? Love it. Hahaha. New shoes and yes, some parts of le not-so-new car.

Enchanted day. Hahaha. Wagas sa unang sakay!!!

Yieee so cuteee!!!

Nagmamataray lang last night sa TIDES Tagaytay.

Yesterday sa MOA.

Happy friends.

GG (God given) FRIENDS.

Throwback Saturday.

Gala with my besties today. OOTD.

Accompanied my Mom to the salon. Got le hair trimmed as well. Hahahaha. Hello~~~~ I'm homeeeee. I missed my bed. Hahahaha

Finally got to see them again after 1 or so years. I love these girls, syempre kasama din si Erich!!!

Fetched my Grandma and Titas from Palawan. Kinda tired from all the kakulitan but masaya naman.

And because we're bored.

My just-woke-up face. FML.

3 hours of sleep = headache. Ugh.


Sick of my face yet? Hahaha. 90th birthday of my Grandpa.


No shame. Maipilit lang talaga.

With le ultimate local celebrity crush, Mr. COCO MARTIN. 

Tambay with my cousins.

Magnum overdose with Hannah.

Or maybe not. Hahaha. Too lazy to post every picture right now. :)

with love, Lileth.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A thousand miles.

So as of my last post, I decided to just go with this URL and instead make a new tumblr account for photography. I'm still practicing and I know having that account would help me a lot. :)

You can follow/visit my tumblr accounts, if you're interested.


with love, Lileth.