Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Should I quit?

I like blogging. I like it because with this I can restore memories that are important to me but sometimes I also question my self why I actually have to do this? Why this way when I can just make a personal journal and still have my memories/experiences with me, but no, I think it's because I also wanna share my experiences to people. I want them to know what kind of person I am and what's happening to me... But now I'm questioning my self more than ever. I know people aren't even reading my blogs and I'm not of importance to anyone. Ugh. Why am I so ordinary? Why can't I be like those famous bloggers? :'(

with love, Lileth



Sunday, June 24, 2012


I really appreciate it when people see me more what I actually see myself as. I mean, when people actually say I'm pretty and all that shiz. I honestly don't consider my self pretty, even cute, just NO. That's why when people tell me I'm pretty/cute I tend to brush them off and be sarcastic about it. I just can't accept that. Thank you but NO.

So now, imagine how I felt when my bestriend, Erich, told me to try auditioning for this modelling agency because they're looking for new models. She's even willing to accompany me to the place. Why would anyone do that? LOL. I don't really know if I can but when people do this, I also wanna challenge my self and do it but I just can't. I do appreciate that she thinks I can be a model but right now I'm actually battling over my self. This is me against me. Hahahahaha.

To the people who never fails to remind me I'm not really worthless, even if I know I am.... Thank you so much. :)

with love, Lileth.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Went to Tagaytay ~*~again~*~ with my cousins since kailangan kong mag-inquire sa Fedex about their shipping fees. Nautusan lang ni Ate. LOL. We took a lot of pictures.

Didn't know Hannah was taking pictures... :)
Just me, driving and singing like an idiot. :P

And so this happened. Kaya pala sya kanta ng kanta ng Paparazzi kahapon. :\


Baby Yy showing off her stars na nakuha nya sa school.

This one is mega blurred but I like it anyways. :P


And yep... my phone :)

Then we went sa FunTime... :)

Moi points!!!


LOL. Sorry sa photo spam... :)

with love, Lileth