Monday, April 18, 2011

not even

minsan talaga kailangan mo lang silang makita,kahit yun lang,napapasaya ka na nila. halos isang linggo din kaming hindi nagkita,ang weird nga eh. hindi ko ma-explain.

with love,Lileth

Monday, April 4, 2011

그 남자는 반대

지금 난 정말 넌 보고 싶어.
I seriously wanna cry like mad right now. I wanna tell people how much I miss you, how much I wanna see you and talk to you,how much I wanna be with you again. I am being too emotional again about this and I know I look stupid and that I'm pathetic for feeling and being like this because of you,AGAIN.

I was trying to move on. Believe me, I did. I tried doing other things. I tried making my self super busy with other things so I won't think about you all day. Pero paanong nangyari na sa bawat galaw ko I can still remember you, na I keep on saying "ahhh. this is so HIM."... So how?

I miss you so much.

<3 He was a major part of your life; of course you’ll miss him; it’s perfectly normal. It’s like getting a tooth pulled out; after the dentist pulls it, you’re relieved. But how many times do you run your tongue over the spot where it once was ? Probably a hundred times a day. Just because it was hurting you, doesn't mean you don’t notice it. It leaves a gap, and sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly. It’s going to take a while, but it always takes some time. Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you pain. Pulling the tooth was the right decision, but it’s still going to hurt.
-from tumblr.

so instead of actually celebrating ,well because it's my super junior bias's birthday and my 3rd year anniversary of being a fangirl today and normally i would buy a cake and ice cream to celebrate it pero kanina I just went to starbucks, ordered a green tea latte and 2 belgian waffle and that's it, i just cried and went home. i was feeling so down the whole day pero marami din namang nangyari na maganda so I'm still thankful :D


with love,Lileth