Monday, June 16, 2014

Over it.

I spent 4 months liking this guy who like the song "PANGAKO". I can still remember all of the reason and deets on how I started liking him. I say that I am over him and all but whenever I see him I just end up remembering all of our memories and it's kind of bitter sweet.

I spent 4 months making this guy who likes 711's hotdog sandwich happy. I spent my whole 4 months thinking about him, hoping and making sure that he is happy all the time. I even text him just to make sure that he smiled that day.

I spent 4 months running around telling people that I like this guy and making them believe that this guy actually like me back, but boy, was I so wrong.

The point is, I always end up liking someone that just won't look at me the same way I see them. It hurts but I am just so over it and I am sooooooo excited about being all alone my whole life. Not even kidding.

with love,

Thursday, June 12, 2014


If you guys don't know yet, I actually like reading. I read quite a number of books and I started reading novels and such since Grade 5, when my sister was still big about her novel/pocketbook addiction. She'd let me borrow her books and we'll just lay around and read all day. So my point is, I still love reading, but life is kind of getting in the way now so I don't get to do it as much as before.

I recently re-read The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska because I heard that someone is producing an adaptation of TFIOS and I want to relieve all the feels I felt when I read the book for the first time, 3 years ago. As I am typing this blog post, I already watched the movie twice and I cried both times. I didn't really liked the adaptation but I am a huge fan of the book and I am aware that  it is hard to put everything in the movie because it's only limited to at least 2 hours. I still salute everyone for making a good enough movie adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars. I am more in love with Augustus Waters because of Ansel Elgort.

This is basically what I wore to watch TFIOS. I was meaning to wear something
Hazel Grace would wear but I don't feel like wearing pants that day so
I settled for this blue dress and my new keds shoes. 

Yep. I won't be able to go a day without taking at least one selfie. 

Last week I went to Manila to attend a seminar and finally met Mr. Abel Gonzales. 

I didn't know what happened but I just stopped using make-up, well, I use still
do my eyebrows but that's basically what I use. I just feel more confident going out
without make up now more than ever. :)

I waited super long for them to call my number but the girl in the counter
decided to use a different counter machine or whatever that is so I didn't get
to go when it was my turn, they changed from counter 4 to 3 so I got
kind of frustrated and all but Abel helped me so it's all good and I finally
have my ID now. 

with love,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The truth.

If you had the chance, even less of it, to read my blog posts, you'll know that I am a girl that floats just about on earth and that I pretty much have a very boring, if not, really lame life. I often think that I am nothing but a huge waste of space here on earth, that I am better off as dead. You may be laughing as you read this, but that is just the truth.

Monday, June 9, 2014

This is not good.

Good morning. I just got back home from much needed alone time. Just chilled at Starbucks for a while then decided that I wanna drink so I ended up going to Luxe Down Under bar and only had 2 beers. I feel and think that I can't handle drinking anymore. I got quite tipsy with just 2 San Mig Apple. I don't know if this is real life or what. Hahaha.

So I am here posting something when I can't even think straight. I feel like I'll regret this later on but what the heck, if other people can drunk call or drunk text then I can drunk blog post or whatever. Hahaha.

This is going to sound really cliche and hypocrite. You'll probably think after reading this that I've gone cray cray and that I shouldn't be allowed to post anything anymore but piss off because I wanna do this and I have every right because ; this is my freaking blog.

I just wanna come clean.

I am not gay, if that's what you're assuming this is all about.

I am actually not what I tell people I am. I over exaggerate my life when I tell people my story. I always add things that can boost my self up or I just don't tell them everything. I am such a good liar. I point at one direction but really, I am up to the other direction. I even cringe at my self sometimes for doing that, I don't really know. I guess you can say that even I get surprised when my brain suddenly tell my mouth to say certain things that don't really happen/happened to me, it feels like I am writing my own novel, only I don't literally write about it nor people know about it. I am also surprised at how people actually believe at whatever I am saying, or maybe I am just too stupid to notice that they don't believe me. Don't get me wrong or don't assume that everything I tell people are all lies tho, I do this to people I barely know or people who don't really matter to me, so maybe 20% of the time. If you're my friend, you'll know that I am actually an open book, I won't be able to hide anything from you so this don't apply to you.

Why am I posting about it then? Because I am scared at how other people presume things about me when they don't really know me. I feel like I give them something real bad and I come off as an arrogant asshole to them. But I don't really mind. They don't matter to me anyways.

Aaaaah~ such realizations and confessions keep me sane, really. :)

with love,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

What about angels?

After staying at home for quite a while I went out with my friend, Je. We went to Mahogany Market first because she told me that she was craving for some bulalo. After that we decided to just chill at Starbucks Magallanes for some needed talkshow. Hahaha.

My new shoes from my Ninang. Thank you Ninang Lhot. I like it.

Oh hai. Selfie agad.

What's wrong Je?

Monopod madness, I'd say.

Kind of tired but still so eager to make something happen.

Sorry na.

Went to our favorite ukay-ukay place in Olivarez and this is just one
of the many dresses I tried. Bought only one dress tho. :)

Je went home after our ukay-ukay adventure while I waited for my friend, Jasmine. Her work ended at 9pm but I waited until 9:20, I guess. But it was all good.  

My view the whole time. 

Then we went to Mcdo, just beside her work and ordered BFF fries with 3 Mcfloat. 
We just talked for a good hour. It's always just nice and humbling to talk to your
 friends about their life and just everything. 
I can't wait to grow old with this girl and just travel the world with our families. 

The next day...

My nephew and I craved for 711's slurpee or whatever that is.
Naka round 2 pa kami.

Ahhhhh. No words. 

with love, 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Big bite.

Craved for pizza one afternoon, so I tweeted about it and my cousin told me that she'd want to go buy pizza with me. Brought my pink monopod as well, so we can take silly and random pictures for the blog.

Rainbow above the clouds. My mom saw this first, shouted and told me to
take a picture of it. These pictures actually don't do it justice. It was such an
amazing sight. I stared at it for a good 5 minutes before that black/gray cloud 
covered it.

I know I look scary here. My dark under eye is such a huge problem.

Selfie with my nephew. I still find it weird using monopod for selfies'
but yeah, I'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Hanna arrived from Abu Dhabi that exact day. 

Silly faces to annoy everyone around us. 

The only pizza store in our town. There's another pizza store but this
one is better.

Walking and taking selfie. Done. My nephew told us that everyone
was looking at us while we take pictures. Talk about not having shame.

(Taken by Aleck)
Haven't tried this Mulawin Hot Pandesal but Aleck told us that it's

(Taken by Aleck)
Never ending selfies. My nephew obviously enjoyed using my monopod.

(Taken by Aleck)
Tried this one. It was okay.

(Taken by Aleck)
I jokingly told him that he takes pictures like a blogger.

(Taken by Aleck)

Ahhhhh and now I am craving for Big Bite's pizza again. The only problem is that I can't afford pizza right now (too broke to even buy a Php200+ pizza) and I still need to lose a lot of weight.

with love,