Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cam Sur '14, Day 1.

Finally decided to post our CamSur vacay. 

We left for CamSur at around 11:30pm, got lost twice and finally arrived in Lagonoy around 10am, I guess. That was one of the longest 12 or so hours of my life. I don't really like travelling for long hours, but what can I do, really? I enjoyed and loved the whole stay in CamSur naman. 

The gang. Looking soooo haggard. 

Tres Marias.

And with Ems.

Bought watermelon because it was kinda hot that day.

Mangoes, yays.

Hi Xander.

What's wrong?


Paul, Roy and Mc.

And I was crowned Ms. Samhod. JK.

Gala partners.

2nd family.

We also went to Ate Love and Ate Vhern's batchmates that night. And look at how haggard I was, huhuhuhuh.

I didn't get to sleep that night because of reason. Hahaha. Next post would be about our short but sweet trip to Caramoan Island. I actually wanna go back there (Caramoan and Lagonoy) right now.

I would like to thank the Guarino's and Torrero's for letting me go with them and just by being soooo good to me all this time. I love you guyst. Hehehehe. #cheeseballs

P.S. I'll take blogging more seriously na talaga. #umaasa

with love,

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