Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nice hair...

Good evening...

I'm cheating on this one you guys. I actually didn't get to blog yesterday because I was out with my friends until now. We went swimming in Batangas, we didn't planned this one, everything was decided on the spot. :D It was so much fun. We'll go back there for sure.

It was actually my first time to drive to Batangas and we were kind of scared and hesitant at first but eventually gave in. Hahaha. We bought swimsuits at one of the many thrift shops in Olivarez Tagaytay, it us Php150 each, such a steal!!!

I have some pictures from the trip but it was all taken using my phone so the quality is low. :\

2012-04-25 19.07.59
2012-04-25 19.07.46
2012-04-25 19.08.51
2012-04-25 19.08.34
2012-04-25 19.08.19
2012-04-25 19.09.51
2012-04-25 19.09.32
A sudden stop over at Robinsons Tagaytay since we didn't know where to go yet.
A girl would have to do what she have to do.

2012-04-26 00.54.50
Not even regretting it.
2012-04-26 00.54.01
I finally got to wear swimsuit, again.
2012-04-26 00.53.50
2012-04-26 00.53.35
My sexy friends.

2012-04-26 06.54.35
On our way home. Hello Mr. Sun.

with love, Lileth.

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