Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop the nagging.

Good evening...

Just a minute ago I was thinking of a topic to blog about today until my Mom started nagging me for something really stupid. I know it was partly my fault because I was driving but my mom should've asked me first before shouting and accusing me.

My mom actually asked me to accompany my cousin(M) to inquire to this school near our place. I went with her, even my other cousin(A) went with us and helped us because she went there for college. After paying for the testing fee she told me that she wanted to go to Tagaytay because she would like to visit her sister and so I agreed and drove her even though I was so tired from driving and sleepy because my mom woke me up at 6am for that. Then some things happened after that and I don't wanna include those here because those are just stupid things. And then 배이비 overheated again on us and so we had to stop at a nearby shopping mall, we stayed in the parking lot the whole time. Fucking stupid car. And now my mom told me that my car overheated because I kept on going to places I don't need/have to go. Fucking stupid. I was just doing things she wanted/asked me to do. I don't get it. Why is she nagging me about this again? Ugh.

I'm just in a super bad mood right now I wanna throw my laptop to her. Ugh. I won't help that stupid girl, ever, again. I won't, even if they cry and beg for it.

with love, Lileth.

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