Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear boy,

I wish you’re happy. I hope you’ll always be safe. I want you to be happy, everyday - forever.

I’ll miss you and you being with her is breaking my heart but knowing that you’re happy even without me would make me just as happy, at least happy for you. I can settle with that.

I just regret not seeing you for the last time. Hearing your voice was fine but seeing you is another thing. I know it was my fault, I should’ve been more courageous and talked to you like what my friends wanted me to do. Now, everything will forever be just behind us. You’ll be with her in Korea and I’ll be here trying to move on and make the most out of my life. I’ll be happy. I will still be the same girl, no matter what happen.

I hope you won’t get mad at me for always looking back at all of our memories. I hope you can at least let me have those memories. I love those and I’ll treasure them forever, even if I know it won’t be good for me or for us.

with love, Lileth.

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