Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm magical.

So yesterday was the first day of the early registration for Pottermore. Luckily, I got in. Haaa<3. But I still have to wait for another email from them, a beta related email, I guess - but it's all good. I felt super happy and excited when I got to answer the clue, specially when I received the confirmation letter that I shouted and my mom thought something bad happened to me. Heee<3.

So I just wanna share some screen-caps that I made of the whole process to you guys. :)

So yes, you don't really get to choose your own username, they just let you decide from some usernames that they pre-made, but I ain't complaining, at all. :) I like my username for some reason.

I do hope everyone who also wanna be one of the first batch to try this pottermore experience, be able to answer the clue and eventually be lucky like me to register and be accepted. You guys still have until August 6 to try. The clue comes out around 3-4PM and you just have to go to POTTERMORE. :) Fighting everyone and HAPPY 1st DAY OF AUGUST!!!

Also, Belated Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and Jo Rowling. You guys are the best!!! :)

with love,Lileth.

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