Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have plans

I’m seriously super excited to be able to drive properly. I am persuading my father to pay and let me have my drivers license within this week. I asked my brother if I can get one without a test drive and he told me that it’s possible - so hell yeah!

I don’t know. I just really hate commuting. I grew tired of wasting too much time on commuting when I can drive home faster. Also - it’ll be more convenient for me when I want to go out with friends or go to some places with my mom or alone and since I would like to use my high heels. I mean, I just can’t wear them when I commute since it’s uncomfortable. Haha. Well, yeah.

I know my reasons are lame but whatever. :)

I’m so excited. I can actually picture myself going to places and all that. I wanna go to Batangas for the beach. I wanna go to Manila and party all night long. I wanna let people see that I bring my own car. I want to make people jealous of how awesome I can drive. Haha.

I get all excited! This is something I always feel specially when I remember that I finally have a car I can use. A huge car - that is.

My mom bought a Revo for the family last last week. I can’t be thankful enough. :3 She told me that I can use it. I think I already made a blog post about it prior to this. :3

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