Sunday, June 8, 2014

What about angels?

After staying at home for quite a while I went out with my friend, Je. We went to Mahogany Market first because she told me that she was craving for some bulalo. After that we decided to just chill at Starbucks Magallanes for some needed talkshow. Hahaha.

My new shoes from my Ninang. Thank you Ninang Lhot. I like it.

Oh hai. Selfie agad.

What's wrong Je?

Monopod madness, I'd say.

Kind of tired but still so eager to make something happen.

Sorry na.

Went to our favorite ukay-ukay place in Olivarez and this is just one
of the many dresses I tried. Bought only one dress tho. :)

Je went home after our ukay-ukay adventure while I waited for my friend, Jasmine. Her work ended at 9pm but I waited until 9:20, I guess. But it was all good.  

My view the whole time. 

Then we went to Mcdo, just beside her work and ordered BFF fries with 3 Mcfloat. 
We just talked for a good hour. It's always just nice and humbling to talk to your
 friends about their life and just everything. 
I can't wait to grow old with this girl and just travel the world with our families. 

The next day...

My nephew and I craved for 711's slurpee or whatever that is.
Naka round 2 pa kami.

Ahhhhh. No words. 

with love, 

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