Monday, June 16, 2014

Over it.

I spent 4 months liking this guy who like the song "PANGAKO". I can still remember all of the reason and deets on how I started liking him. I say that I am over him and all but whenever I see him I just end up remembering all of our memories and it's kind of bitter sweet.

I spent 4 months making this guy who likes 711's hotdog sandwich happy. I spent my whole 4 months thinking about him, hoping and making sure that he is happy all the time. I even text him just to make sure that he smiled that day.

I spent 4 months running around telling people that I like this guy and making them believe that this guy actually like me back, but boy, was I so wrong.

The point is, I always end up liking someone that just won't look at me the same way I see them. It hurts but I am just so over it and I am sooooooo excited about being all alone my whole life. Not even kidding.

with love,

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