Thursday, June 12, 2014


If you guys don't know yet, I actually like reading. I read quite a number of books and I started reading novels and such since Grade 5, when my sister was still big about her novel/pocketbook addiction. She'd let me borrow her books and we'll just lay around and read all day. So my point is, I still love reading, but life is kind of getting in the way now so I don't get to do it as much as before.

I recently re-read The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska because I heard that someone is producing an adaptation of TFIOS and I want to relieve all the feels I felt when I read the book for the first time, 3 years ago. As I am typing this blog post, I already watched the movie twice and I cried both times. I didn't really liked the adaptation but I am a huge fan of the book and I am aware that  it is hard to put everything in the movie because it's only limited to at least 2 hours. I still salute everyone for making a good enough movie adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars. I am more in love with Augustus Waters because of Ansel Elgort.

This is basically what I wore to watch TFIOS. I was meaning to wear something
Hazel Grace would wear but I don't feel like wearing pants that day so
I settled for this blue dress and my new keds shoes. 

Yep. I won't be able to go a day without taking at least one selfie. 

Last week I went to Manila to attend a seminar and finally met Mr. Abel Gonzales. 

I didn't know what happened but I just stopped using make-up, well, I use still
do my eyebrows but that's basically what I use. I just feel more confident going out
without make up now more than ever. :)

I waited super long for them to call my number but the girl in the counter
decided to use a different counter machine or whatever that is so I didn't get
to go when it was my turn, they changed from counter 4 to 3 so I got
kind of frustrated and all but Abel helped me so it's all good and I finally
have my ID now. 

with love,

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