Tuesday, April 29, 2014


HAPPY MONDAY... again!!!

I don't really know but I kind of got this weird realization while I was eating Pancit Canton, just now.

If I remember it right, last year or maybe last last year, I used to just being alone and hating everything and everyone around me. I don't really remember why anymore but I can still remember that part of my life. I just don't feel like talking with anyone and I used to just lock my self in my room. I didn't even use my phone for its purposes, I just used it as my alarm clock or for music. My childhood friends can attest to this.

I kind of went to that phase too. I didn't show it by my fashion sense or whatever, or even music but in my mind I know I was rebelling from everyone. I used to post "emo" stuff around the web. Everything I see, everything I hear or every little thing that caught my attention will be cursed. Also - I curse like a sailor back then. In every sentence that I make.

I still have those moments up to now but I can say that I am much more happier that before. I met a few people that I can say, made me realize how wonderful and happy life can be. I am of course grateful to them. You can still hear me curse a lot but I can say that this time I was just kidding and I am just being my sweet self to my friends. Hahaha. And tumblr taught me the language that is "sarcasm" so yeah~ :P

I guess I was just being a teenager back then. Not by age, but I am a late bloomer after all. I think I just didn't know what to do with my life so I ended up hating the world. I can say that feeling that is not good but it thought me a lot of lessons and it made me who I am right now. So I am thankful.

with love,

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