Friday, April 25, 2014

Mocha Blends.


Obviously I wasn't able to post anything yesterday. I was actually busy having a life outside of internet. Some of my friends and I went to this bar in Dasma, M2 THE CLUB, and we had such an amazing night. Met some cool people and got to just be the crazy litol girls we are. Hahaha.

I don't know what got into me that I was soooooo freaking hyper that night. We literally danced all night or at least for most of the time we spent there. Our new friend, Christian, I think he kind of got overwhelmed by my hyperness last night but in a good way. He just kept on smiling whenever he look at me and he kind of told me that I am cool. Alaska Young cool, hopefully.

And yes, that's the Alaska Young from Mr. John Green's book, Looking for Alaska. I reread that book and I just fell in love with Alaska's coolness all over again. Why am I not her? Ohhh life, I guess.

We actually went to SM Dasma before going to the bar and we stayed at Mocha Blends for a while. I love that place, I like the staff and all but I just don't like their house blend iced tea. Ugh. Wrong move, I used to order something from their coffee mixes or something and I should've yesterday as well. #justsaying

So I learned something cool earlier. I installed this video editor app, Magisto, n my phone and I tried using it for the first time and I fell in love with that app. I can now make cool videos the easiest way. Hahaha...

P.S. I srsly wanna post our selca/selfie pictures here but I don't feel like it as well. What is wrong with me!!! 

with love,

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