Monday, April 21, 2014

I am trying.

Hey people. Happy Easter Sunday!!!

So I am back after 2 months or so of hiatus. I feel like posting something so yeah, I am here.

As you guys may or may not know (because really sino bang nagbabasa ng posts ko anyways) I dropped out of school and now I am busy doing nothing and just hanging with my friends. I am kind of getting sick of it already but I am just too lazy to think or do whatever about it...

So yesterday my friends and I went for a swim at Rio Villanuevo Natural Spring Resort in Indang. I kind of got drunk because I was actually the only one drinking and we had tequila. Of course I do like drinking tequila specially having it with 7up and lemon but I would always prefer having gin tonic. Gin tonic is just so refreshing and you won't have hangover from it. Awesome. Ahhhhh~ talking about gin tonic makes me miss awkward Jo and hanging with them. :)

So yeah, I guess that would be it for now.

with love,

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