Thursday, September 18, 2014

Secret Crush.

So I saw some notes/memo that I wrote several days ago in my phone and as weird and as freaky as it may sound to you guys, I wanted to share it here... just because I can and why not?

And yes, I was just listening to this song called "Secret Crush" and I don't know who the singer is. Sorry.

This is for this one guy I got to meet this year but we don't talk anymore. I saw him one night and dreamt about him right away.
"Dreamed about you last night. I missed you that much, I guess. You were talking about driving me home, guess you didn't know that I have a car now, the funny thing was I actually said yes to that. You also kept on talking about hair pins and when I woke up I was actually holding one. Hahahah. You looked nice last night when I saw you at GPoint by the way. Ugh. When will I be able to hang out with you again? I am actually longing for that, to be able to talk to you again would be fine for me.."

This is for my korean ex-boyfriend.
"Dearest Mr. S. Park,

I got to see you in my dream the other day. Do you miss me? I read somewhere that when a person is in your dreams, that person actually miss you. Is that true? Are you here in the country right now? 

I told my mom about that dream and she got excited too. She likes you too much, SB, a little bit too much, actually. 

Also - I miss you.."

I don't get it though, why am I suddenly dreaming about these guys. It's not like I talk to them like usual. Well maybe somehow, deep inside my brain/mind/heart, I actually miss them both. :)

with love,

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