Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I've been meaning to buy a new bag for weeks now but I just can't decide on what I really want. So I saw some designs that I may or may not buy online. Is it really this hard to decide on buying a bag? My mom usually buy stuff(clothes, underwears, and bags) for me so I don't deal with the stress of finding and deciding what to buy. Hahahah.

Here are some of the bags that I liked.

I want this bag because the design somehow looks like the Celine bag that Kylie Jenner always bring with her. I am in love with that bag of hers. If only this one is a little bit smaller. 

The same reason as the first bag and it's in black and white so yaaaas!!!

Both bags are from an Instagram account called ShopYourStyle23
Check them out. They have a lot of pretty looking bags.

And then I went on to Zalora and I found these babies...

I've been wanting to own a bag like that Perfume Box Minaudiere for the longest time. It'll be super cute
to just carry them around. 

And these bags!!! They're on sale too so yaaaaas!!!

Now now now the question is, what should I get?

And yes, I am still watching Harry Potter and I'm on the last 2 movies, finally. :)

with love,

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