Thursday, June 21, 2012


Teaser photo of Super Junior's Eunhyuk for their 6th album.
Why is he so perfect? I love him so much.
I thought I won't be
too excited for this album like the past albums but na-ah, I'm actually spazzing right now and can't contain my excitement, I've been ranting about this whole thing over at twitter. LOL. OMG!!!

Also - they'll release the album this July 1, a day before my birthday, on Leeteuk's birthday!!! Imagine how awesome and wicked that is for me!!!! OMG. HNNNNNGGGGGGGG. The best birthday present ever. My friends will probably kill me but I promise to just have their new songs as my car ride playlist for the whole month. LOL. Thank you so much SME. This is the only time I'll thank you after this so yeah. Hahahahaha.

Excuse me for being such a fangirl. :P
with love, Lileth

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