Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forever ALONE.

Went to Starbucks Magallanes Square in Tagaytay because I was so bored. Is there anyone who can give me any job/work? I badly needed something to do. LOL. #notevenkidding

I also went to Robinsons Tagaytay and bought cellphone car charger, fake eyelashes(because of reasons), new set of make-up brushes and some other random things. I then grabbed some MCDO foods because I haven't had any meal the whole day. #lagasangpera

Went to Alabang to finally in-cash my allowance... :) I bought 2 new lipsticks, I got my car fixed and had it carwashed after 3 weeks. I know, I'm a very very bad owner. And now, I don't have money anymore. Hahahaha. #mylife

Everything was taken using my Samsung Note. Thank goodness for good quality camera. :) Just felt like saying that!!!

with love, Lileth.

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