Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bitch please.

Good evening...

WHY IS MY BLOGSPOT ACCOUNT NOT SAFE ANYMORE FOR ME TO SAY/BLOG ABOUT STUFFS I WANNA SAY/BLOG? FVCK. I seriously wanna blog about something that is pissing me off right now but I just can't anymore. Ugh. Fvck.

Okay, I just wish people would stop telling me stuffs I already know. I just hope people would stop acting as if they know everything because honestly, YOU'RE STARTING TO BE MY PERSONAL CLOWN. Get out of my fandom(KPOP/KDRAMA/KOREA), seriously. Stop pretending like you know everything about my fandom. Ugh. I seriously hate new fans. I don't like their guts. There, I said it.

This is coming from a girl who has been a fan for years now. I've seen a lot of new fans, they come but they leave when they see another thing they like or when the buzz about it is done. Parang nakikisali lang talaga and we don't appreciate that, really. Just stop. Don't go here when you just wanna be in. No. We don't need you here, we have enough army already. LOL

with love, Lileth

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