Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aqua de Mayo

Good morning...

Yesterday was a day full of BV. I wasn't planning on going out but when my brother told me something, I hurriedly prepared and even got ready before them, but unfortunately I wasn't able to dodge the "thing". After that I went to SM City Dasmarinas to buy something but there was a lot of people, so I decided to just go home. Blaaaaah. Boring and full of BV day, what a great way to start my May. :\

Corn. Forever. My. Favorite

I thought it was gonna rain, but meeeeeh.

Home alone. I watched HONEY and JUSTIN BIEBER:Never say never on HBO. That's how bored I was. :\

Hopefully my month won't be filled with BV stuffs. Hahaha. I'll be optimistic about it!!!

Also - I wanna go out of town with my friends, hopefully we can do that this month.

with love, Lileth

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