Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I'm actually doing this on Twitter but then I thought that it would be weird not being able to read the whole thing my self  so I'm posting this here... ALSO!

These facts are super random , I just type them whenever I feel like it or whenever I realize something about me that I can share or at least a bit interesting. So yeah~

1. I hate snakes. Anything related to it freaks me out.
2. I'm always online. It's easier to contact/reach me online than my phone :D
3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GREEN TEA FRAPPE FROM STARBUCKS. And I want one right now,please?
4. I'm only attracted to people that I CAN'T HAVE.
5. I eat ice cream a lot, it's not even funny :|
6. I can eat a whole water melon, alone, in one sitting.
7. Having mostly girls as your friend can bring you so much drama. I hate that!
8. I don't know how to dance.
9. I only have FEW friends and I love and trust them.
10. I love watching korean dramas,variety shows,idol shows or just anything korean. :D
11. I can speak basic Korean and I learned from watching too much korean dramas and variety shows. 맞아요!!!
13. I can't cook.
14. I like BRAZO DE MERCEDEZ so much. I can eat a whole cake by myself.
15. I have mild asthma that's why I don't have any pets. T.T
16. I have one half-sister.
17. When I was younger I don't feel confident on wearing short shorts or even mini skirts.
18. I hate school dress codes. I hate dress codes.
19. I love strawberry a lot. Anything strawberry flavored is my favorite by default :D
20. I own a guitar named CHARLIE but I don't know how to play it.
21. My mom is my hero. I'd probably die without my mom. I LOVE YOU NANAY! :)
22. My sister is my role model. I wanna be like her.
23. I grew up alone, not literally, kinda but yeah. My parents were too busy with the business so I kinda took care of my self.
24. I don't really like sweet foods that much, but I like chocolates. Yeah. If you get what I mean then you're cool.
25. I don't like any caramel flavored food. Bluuuh~
26. I'm a huge KPOP fan. If that's not obvious to you yet.
27. Super Junior will always be my KPOP BIAS group~ i love them so much.
28. I am morena.
29. I used to read a lot of fanfics but since my laptop was stolen last year,I actually stopped reading fanfics. I actually miss reading them.
30. My friends think I have a weird sense of humor. They don't laugh because my jokes are funny but because I fail at telling jokes.
31. I sometimes think I'm lesbian, for some strange reasons.
32. I over think like a mad granny.
33. At some point I tried to commit suicide but backed out of it because I was too afraid of Him to even do it and think about it.
34. I don't really text a lot. In fact I hate texting, I'd rather be calling someone than wait for them to answer whatever I want to know from them.
35. I like dressing up and some family members don't like my fashion sense. Especially my father and my aunt. They don't actually like it because they're afraid of what other people might say but I couldn't care less.
36. I have a lot of celebrity and non-celebrity crushes. And there are a lot of girl crushes too.
37. I'm a professional stalker. I'm not even kidding. I should actually make it my job or something.
38. Words can hurt me a lot.
39. My ipod is 100% Korean. It only have korean songs in it.
40. I would like to travel the world, like, who wouldn't?
41. Number 2 and 13 are my favorite numbers. Go figure.
42. I was once a badminton player and I have a medal for it. Nothing big though.
43. I don't like studying. I don't even study even if there's a big exam coming. No. It's actually more like I don't know how to review for exams.
44. I'm quite tall for a normal Filipina. :)
45. I don't like kids.
46. I drink coke too much. My mom always scold me for it.
47. I'm too sensitive and emotional for my own good.
48. I hate people. I'm not a big fan of them.
49. I used to think that purple is my favorite color but now I've learned that I actually like every color there is.
50. I have two guy bestfriends. They're actually like my brothers and boyfriends as well.
51. My alcohol tolerance is kinda high.
52. My 5 guy friends, including my best guy friends, throw up from drinking too much with me and I was just laughing and teasing them.
53. I can eat yakisoba all day, errday.
54. I can't sleep without electric fan.
55. I sleep like a mummy. I should be all wrapped up or I won't be able to sleep.
56. I dream of travelling every island of the Philippines.
57. I consider my self as "babaeng bakla", just because.
58. I tend to say "truth" if ever I agree with what you're saying.
59. I fell in love with my guy best friend.
60. I had one korean boyfriend.
61. I had my drivers license at the age of 21.
62. I had 2 cars in a span of 3 years.
63. I don't own any of those cars anymore.
64. I now own a Honda CRV 2003 model, a gift from my mother.
65. As much as I wanted to, I don't really enjoy rainy season.
66. Gin tonic, forever and ever.

I'll edit this, hindi pa ako tapos sa random facts ko sa Twitter! :D

with love and more random facts about myself, 

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